Cristina Rayne Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Author: The Vampire Underground

The Vampire Underground

Tales from the Vampire Underground
A series of standalone erotic romance short stories/novelettes chronicling the first forays of humans into the secret world of the vampires that live in plain sight within their cities. The series contains strong adult content and language.

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When college senior, Abby, accepts the offer of a drink from a gorgeous stranger, she has no idea that he is one of Crimson's Men, secret escorts of a certain club that she had believed to be only rumor. Turning him down was the easy part. However, getting him out of her mind may be a little trickier. Who would have thought such an innocuous item as a business card could cause her so much grief?

Story #2: An Impossible Gift
**Previously Published in the A Very Alpha Christmas Anthology

When car trouble coupled with a snowstorm strands med student Ellie Bradford in a Texas city on her way to visit her sister in New York for the holidays, a chance encounter with the handsome and intimidating owner of her hotel and a brush with danger reawakens old ghosts about a childhood incident that has haunted her for years. Ellie is sure she's never met him, so why does he insist that she seems so familiar?

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Story #3: The Vampire in the Corner

Paige’s friends often tease her about being too nosy, a habit she blames on her reporter’s instincts kicking in. However, when one of the bouncers she hooks up with after a costume-themed Halloween party at the club, Crimson Pulse, does something she can’t explain, she is determined to crack the enigma of her newest love interest—even if it kills her. 

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The Vampire Underground Book One
Coming Fall 2017


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