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Monday, July 23, 2018

Pre-Order for When Fire Dragons Fall Now Live!

Pre-Order page for "When Fire Dragons Fall" is now live on Amazon. For now, its release date is October 26, 2018, but there is a chance I may be able to release it earlier. Fingers crossed. 😉

It’s raining men…sort of.

After waking up to a severe snowstorm, schoolteacher Emma Miller thinks the most exciting thing she would do while snowed in at home that Friday would be sitting with a mug of hot chocolate and streaming a few movies. However, when the weather forecast is interrupted by breaking news of a sizeable island with what look like man-made structures appearing off the coast of England, she never dreams that shocking incident would touch her personally a world away in Texas. That loud thump in her backyard is just a huge tree branch hitting the ground, breaking because of the weight of the snow…right? So why is her phone suddenly screeching with the emergency siren reserved for Amber alerts and tornado warnings?

Dragon-shifter Sevek was warned over and over by the royal scholars not to fly too close to the ghostly city of another world that was currently bleeding into their world, but he just couldn’t help his obsession over every minute difference he observed as the days passed. Even knowing the danger, it’s still a shock when he suddenly finds himself shifted back to his human form mid-flight and seconds from slamming into a suddenly snow-covered ground. Injured, Sevek finds himself at the mercy of a beauty with suspiciously kind eyes within the very alien world he had been obsessing over for years. Princess Briana warned them about the dangers of her home world should the world’s governments discover the existence of dragons. Can he trust Emma’s offer to help him find his way back to his people, or will her sweet scent cause him to do something stupid?

Two worlds collide in this thrilling and steamy paranormal romance adventure!


Thursday, April 5, 2018

New Release Today! Seeking the Oni

A new paranormal romance series featuring heroes from various mythologies from around the world! *2018 Expanded Edition*

When Hannah is sent by her boss to deliver a red envelope to an office she had been told was off-limits to non-executives, she soon finds that sometimes it’s humans and not the man with the horns who are the real demons and that the layer beneath the reality she has always known is more wondrous and scary than she could have ever dreamed.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

New Release! Memories of an Elven Prince

Look what's new today!
Memories of an Elven Prince (The Elven Realms Book One)

Love, angst, adventure, and a few steamy scenes await you in this first novel in the sequel series to the bestselling Elven King fantasy romance series.

**While it's not necessary to read the prior Elven King series to enjoy this novel, I would highly recommend reading at least Claimed by the Elven King for some back history on a few of the characters that pop up.**

She only noticed him that first day because of the rain.

Mia Hart knows she shouldn’t get involved, but when she sees a man standing dangerously close to the overflowing banks of a raging creek behind her apartment complex during a heavy downpour, there’s no way she can just ignore him. However, she never expects to be equally drawn to both the beautiful man who introduces himself with the unusual name of Thaylan as well as the mystery of why he has stood vigil over that same spot every day for years.

There’s four very good reasons why she has given up on finding love, but when the puzzle of Thaylan soon becomes more important than the mystery of his vigil, can Mia resist their growing attraction knowing that she’s risking something more dangerous than a broken heart, or will a shocking revelation related to Thaylan’s vigil lead to something amazing—or tragic?



Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Hot for the Holiday Valentine's Day $0.99 Sale Event!

Hot For The Holidays Valentine's Day $0.99 Sale Event!

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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Update on Memories of an Elven Prince

Here's an update on the book I'm currently writing in my new Elven Realms Series: Memories of an Elven Prince, a sequel series to my Elven King series. Right now I'm in the last editing phase, but as I also just completed the first draft of Book 2, I've decided that the two books would work/flow better as a single book with a few tweaks even though it would end up as a tome of around 450-500 pages. This will of course push back my release date from the 1st week of December to January 12, 2018 due to many retailers unable to accept new publications until the new year. However, for this massive epic romance, I think telling this arc of the story combined would serve the story best and avoid ending in a cliffhanger between books 1 and 2.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

New Re-Release The Supreme Moment: Kairos

New Re-Release!
Urban Fantasy, SciFi, and Romance in the spirit of Beauty and the Beast.

When rumored crime lord, Darrien Stathos, saves Avery's family from the consequences of her father's gambling addiction, the cost may be more than she bargains for as learning his true identity not only shatters the foundation of her understanding of reality but also reveals a dangerous truth about herself.



Friday, November 24, 2017

Hot For The Holidays Black Friday Ebook Event

Hot For The Holidays
Black Friday Ebook Event
Nov 24-28, 2017

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