Cristina Rayne Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Author: February 2020

Friday, February 14, 2020

Paranormal Romance 99¢ Valentine's Day eBook Sales Event!

Valentine's Day 99¢ Paranormal Romance eBook Sales Event
Feb 14-16, 2020

Snuggle up with a great steamy read this Valentine's Day! Browse two dozen paranormal, fantasy, and scifi romances on sale today through Sunday, Feb. 16 for only 99¢! From dragon shifters, vampires, aliens, witches, werewolves and many more in between, there's sure to be lots of paranormal goodness and steam to satisfy your particular taste!



Saturday, February 1, 2020

Just Released! When Fire Dragons Fall

It’s raining men…sort of.

After waking up to a severe snowstorm, schoolteacher Emma Miller thinks the most exciting things she would do while snowed in at home are stream a few movies and sip hot chocolate. However, when a breaking news report of a sizeable island with unnatural structures suddenly appearing off the coast of England throws a wrench into her plans, she never dreams that shocking incident across the pond would repeat in Texas until a scorching hot—in more ways than one—dragon shifter crashes into her back yard, putting him at her mercy at a time when sheltering him could get her arrested.

Dragon shifter Sevek was warned over and over by the royal scholars not to fly too close to the ghostly city of another world that was currently bleeding into Elysia. Ignoring their warnings during one of his patrols, he consequently finds himself severely injured and trapped within the very alien world he has been obsessing over for centuries, forced to rely on Emma, a Terran woman whose sweet scent awakens desires he hasn’t felt in years. Princess Briana warned his people about the danger her home world’s governments would pose should they discover the existence of dragons, a danger he sees with his own eyes. It would be stupid to court a woman who could betray him to her leaders at any moment no matter how much Emma’s lovely blushes suggest she would be receptive to his advances. His priority should be getting home without exposing his dragon nature, not chasing after a potential mate he may not get to keep…

Two worlds collide in this thrilling and steamy paranormal romance adventure!