Cristina Rayne Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Author: May 2015

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Shifters Gone Alpha Multi-Author PNR Boxed Set Now Available!

Shifters Gone Alpha

A Paranormal Romance Multi-Author Boxed Set

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When it comes to love, it doesn't take long for shifters to go alpha. This boxed set of 12 NEW stories from New York Times, USA Today, and National bestselling authors shows how there's nothing a shifter won't do for their mate's pleasure.

Rescued? by the Wolf (Riverford Shifters) by Cristina Rayne
When Rogue lion shifter, Tori, jumps into the truck of an annoyingly hot wolf shifter she mistakes for human, lifelong hostilities and self-restraint are tested as they flee from the lions in pursuit tasked by her clan's Alpha to drag her back to a fate worse than death.

Her Alpha Mate by Michele Bardsley
As the Fire Pack alpha’s wife Alice Mason will do anything ensure the future of her wolf pack and the ancient bloodline of her husband. Even if it means she must sacrifice her own life…

The Bear Witch Project by Renee George
Bears and witches are natural enemies, so when bear shifter Ty Wasape meets curvy witch Solange Tremaine at an Osage casino, he is naturally torn between killing her or making her his mate.

Her Destiny by Brandy Walker
Selena has a new job, new home, and new friends; to include a cat she calls Felix. When her life is threatened Felix, aka Malcolm, comes to the rescue bringing her into a world she never knew existed.

KnightForce 1 by Sydney Addae
La Patron’s rebel problem needs correcting before the cops get involved. Asia, Angus and Tyrese, arrive in the Rocky Mountains to prevent more deaths and keep humans unaware Shifters live next door.

Darkness Rising by Lisa Carlisle
Antoine Chevalier is a gargoyle shifter living in Paris. When he's attacked by rogue vampires, he's forced to abandon his identity and must recreate himself in a world now filled with darkness.

Her Dragon’s Soul by Julia Mills
Find mate…check. Bond with mate…check. Exorcise demon taking take over mate hence saving dragon kin and the world…oh crap, not again. Can't a dragon catch a break?

The Gathering: Homecoming by Ellis Leigh
Join the trio from The Gathering as they navigate their new life. Blasius and Dante must make their mate Moira feel welcome, but their mountain girl has trouble finding her footing on marble floors.

Wolves at the Door by Skye Jones
Brooke is studying the wildlife of a remote Scottish area. What she finds shocks her. Sexy alpha, Drew, seduces Brooke. They spend the night together, but Drew wants more. He wants Brooke as his mate.

Domlen’s Way by Solease M Barner
Domlen's handsome, sexy, smart and a Dominate. He will ensure you are satiated, satisfied, sore and pleased. You will only have to submit to Domlen's Way to get the attention of this dragon-shifter.

Spring Mates by Lynn Tyler
Mating season. The time when a young man’s heart turns to creating a permanent bond with the one he loves. At least, in theory.

Breaking the Storm by Sedona Venez
One curvy fae witch. One smoking hot ‘Rock Star’ wolf shifter--and a curse that threatens their burning love.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tempted by the Jaguar: The Complete Edition (#1 - 4) (Riverford Shifters) Now Available!

The complete first story arc in the Riverford Shifters paranormal romance series from New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author Cristina Rayne

Kylie Moore has a secret, one she and her adoptive father have carefully guarded for over a decade since the night her parents disappeared. However, when she is randomly attacked one night in her apartment complex's parking lot, that one violent act sets in motion events that reveal not only her long-dormant shifter heritage in the worst possible way, but could also railroad her efforts of finding out what really happened to her parents.

Suddenly finding herself the center of attention among Riverford's shifter clans, Kylie's only hope of navigating such a dangerous minefield of politics and perpetual battles over territory is Hunter, a too-sexy-for-her-peace-of-mind jaguar shifter that might be her key to gaining insider access to the hidden and secretive shifter society.

Now Kylie must decide whether to integrate more deeply into Hunter's jaguar clan in order to take advantage of this rare opportunity or to run while her secret still remains uncovered. To stay would mean deliberately putting herself in more danger than Kylie may be prepared to handle, especially when Hunter, the person she must rely on, may be hiding something as well.

Set includes Parts 1-4: Transformation, Revelation, Ramification, and Infiltration
Contains strong sexual content and language, intended for readers 18+

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Tempted by the Jaguar #4: Infiltration Now Available!

This is the final installment to the first story arc of the Riverford Shifters series. 

Hunter and Kylie are determined to rescue their loved ones from within the heart of one of the lion shifter clan’s secret facilities, but will even the might of several of Riverford’s shifter clans backing them be enough, especially when they’re not sure who they can really trust?

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Taming the Monster Cover Survey

I will have a story in the "Taming the Monster" Big Box Set (Coming Oct 2015): Which cover do you like better? The RED or the BLUE cover? Cast your vote to help us decide. No promises on which will be picked, we'd just like some reader feedback :) And THANK YOU!