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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Wicked Alphas Wildest Nights Now Available for Pre-Order!

Releases January 5, 2016


Wicked alphas reveal their wildest sides in this red-hot collection of short-n-sexy paranormal romance scenes. This limited-edition anthology of 18 ALL-NEW and EXCLUSIVE STORIES features werewolves, dragons, elves, bears, leopards, vampires, cowboys, shifters, and more. There's no better way to sample the latest works from your favorite authors and discover new must-reads by bestselling authors and exciting up-and-comers in sizzling paranormal romance!

I have a new bonus scene/short from Claimed by the Elven King in this anthology titled Date Night that's set shortly after the conclusion to the novel:

Elven King Sethian takes his human bride, Emily, to the human realm and tells her the story of how she came to his attention where things quickly heat up.

Also includes:
- A Very Close Shave by Anna Lowe - EXCLUSIVE all-new work!
- Snowed In by Sloane Meyers - EXCLUSIVE all-new work!
- Moon Magic by Harmony Raines - EXCLUSIVE all-new work!
- Black Supper by JC Andrijeski - EXCLUSIVE all-new work!
- Coffee Date by Ellis Leigh - EXCLUSIVE all-new work!
- Reclaiming the Dragon by Vivienne Savage - EXCLUSIVE all-new work!
- Between the Boxes by Kallysten - EXCLUSIVE all-new work!
- Finding His Dragon by Elianne Adams - EXCLUSIVE all-new work!
- Date Night by Cristina Rayne - EXCLUSIVE all-new work!
- Wild Wolf by Michele Bardsley - EXCLUSIVE all-new work!
- Shelter Me by Kristin Strassel - EXCLUSIVE all-new work!
- Red Alert by Tina Moss - EXCLUSIVE all-new work!
- Wolf's Heart by Anne Marsh - EXCLUSIVE all-new work!
- Motivation by Elle Thorne - all-new work!
- Burn, Baby, Burn by Catherine Vale -  all-new work!
- Ghost of Shifters Past by Tasha Black - all-new work!
- Before the Hunt by JM Klaire - all-new work!
- Hunted and Seduced by Shelley Munro - all-new work!

Amazon US | UK | AU | CA | DE

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Monday, November 16, 2015

News on Tempted by the Tiger Release

Doing the final back and forths with my editor for "Tempted by the Tiger." I had hoped to release by the end of the week, but it looks as though my editor won't be able to get her final edits back to me before Dec 1st. Bummer. As soon as I have a more definitive new release date, I'll post it here, but if it's not before Christmas, then the release date will likely be in January. In the meantime, "A Very Alpha Christmas" releases tomorrow!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Hot For the Holiday Kindle Stuffing Freebie Event

Hot for the Holiday Multi-Author Ebook Freebie Event!
Nov 1 - Dec 30 2015

As a gift to all our awesome readers, several authors along with myself (under my C.G. Garcia pen name) are offering over 50 FREE mobi romance ebooks of every flavor for a limited time only! These ZIP files are VERY big so we recommend you use a computer to download them. Each file was provided by an author to be included in this event.

*Sorry, no tech support is available for this.

But wait... there's MORE! Enter for a chance to win $250.00 USD Paypal Cash in the Hot for the Holiday Book Bucks Giveaway!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Awesome Fantasy Romance Reads!

Here are a couple of reads I think you might enjoy!

Sexy Fantasy Romance


Blood Tree: Silver Edition by Scarlett Dawn

"Where there is Dark, there is Light."


1. Reconstructed final

Reconstructed by Tasha Black

"Some heroes aren't born...they're built."

Purchase here:

Torn-Seeking-Her-Mates-Book-One-Kindle copy 2

Torn (Seeking Her Mates, Part #1) by Carina Wilder

"A woman, torn between two destinies, seeking the two men who are fated to find their way to her."


Three Days of Night, thumbnail

Three Days of Night by Tracey H. Kitts

"A sexy djinn, a wizard, a mysterious immortal creature known as "D," or all three? Vivian has three days of night to figure out what she really wants."



Midnight Shift (Midnight Shifters, Book #1) by Renee George

"Can two alpha wolf shifters love Benie enough to put their differences aside to save her?"


Friday, October 30, 2015

A Very Alpha Christmas Multi-Author Boxed Set Now Available for Pre-Order

Naughty & Nice with Spice... A Very Alpha Christmas Box Set! Over 25 Paranormal Holiday Tales of Werewolves, Dragons, Shifters, Vampires, Fae, Witches, Billionaires, Magics, Ghosts, Demons and More! Let these alphas warm your cold winter nights!

I have a new novella in this set, An Impossible Gift, set in my Vampire Underground world.

When car trouble coupled with a snowstorm strands med student Ellie Bradford in a Texas city on her way to visit her sister in New York for the holidays, a chance encounter with the handsome and intimidating owner of her hotel and a brush with danger reawakens old ghosts about a childhood incident that has haunted her for years. Ellie is sure she's never met him, so why does he insist that she seems so familiar?

Pre-order your copy today to lock in the low price of $0.99! Releases Nov 17, 2015

Also includes:

Mandy M. Roth - Heated Holiday: Bureau of Paranormal Investigation
She's fire. He’s fangs. It's a match made in…Ohio?

Michelle M. Pillow - Stirring Up Trouble (Warlocks McGregor)
Magick, Mischief and Kilts. Some Warlocks excel at brewing up trouble.

T. S. Joyce - Baby It's Cold Out Bear
All she wants for Christmas is a sexy bear shifter.

Chloe Cole - Hunted
Librarian by day, vampire hunter by night...

V. M. Black - Vampire Games
A yacht trip with a billionaire vampire holds even more dangers and secrets than Cora can imagine.

Terah Edun - When Darkness Falls
If New York City falls, the rest of the world will follow. Holidays be damned.

Carina Wilder - Christmas Past, Christmas Presents
Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that you can’t wrap.

Cathryn Fox - Wrapped Up
Thanks to a little holiday magic, Carter Reed might finally get off the naughty list.

Jaycee Clark - Thief of Souls
Devon and the playboy vamp will do whatever it takes to stop an evil witch from devouring more souls.

JC Andrijeski - A Glint of Light
Can the leader of the seer military save the imprisoned woman he loves from her own darkness?

Tasha Black - The Clockwork Dragon
A dragon's fire can melt the coldest heart.

R. E. Butler - Blitzen's Fated Mate
On Christmas Eve, Arctic shifter Arian finds his fated mate in a human woman.

Jaide Fox - Star's Fall
A lone wolf finds his beast roused by a wildcat.

Michele Bardsley - In Good Spirits
She only has a ghost of a chance to prove she didn't kill her ex-boyfriend.

Renee George - Midnight Before Christmas
When a dragon shifter rescues an ice princess, their passion is hot enough to melt glaciers!

T.J. Michaels - Winter Blues (Pryde Ranch Shifters)
When a lioness shifter comes calling in the dead of'd better have ice cream.

Elsa Jade - Wish Upon a Werewolf (Wolves of Angels Rest)
Annie is asking for one Christmas gift: a werewolf’s bite. But Blaze wants to give her so much more…

Allison Gatta - A Christmas Caroline
He needs to change his ways to win her heart…

Arial Burnz - Frostbitten Hearts
Only one woman could melt the heart of Jack Frost…but will she burn him in the process?

Mandy Rosko - The Lady And The Dragon's Holiday
This dragon prince will melt your heart!

Candice Gilmer - Not a Gentleman’s Christmas
Saving her from her curse is a gentleman's job. He, however, is no gentleman.

Dawn Michelle - Claimed by the Dragon King
Born to be a queen, raised to be a peasant.

Sylvia Frost - The BBW and the Beast
When Bel’s father ruins a million dollar rose, she makes a bargain with a werewolf who wants her for his own.

Lissa Matthews - Reindeers, Elves, and Cookies...Oh My!
Baked goods and banished reindeers. The perfect touch of magic for the season.

Lexy Cole - Santa Shifter in Manhattan
Wolves of Central Park Series, A Billionaire Shifter Romance

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Taming the Monster Multi-Author Boxed Set Now Available!

A Monster Mash-Up of Alpha Proportions has arrived today!

Taming the Monster: A Taming the Alpha Big Box Set of Spicy Paranormal Romance Tales of Alpha Males, Shifters, Monsters, Creatures, Beasts, Demons, Aliens and More!

17 ALL NEW never before released stories by New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors for one super low price of $0.99! Limited Time Only!

Included is my novella "Seeking the Oni," the first entry in my new Paranormal Romance Series "Incarnations of Myth."

When Hannah is sent by her boss to deliver a red envelope to an office she had been told was off-limits to non-executives, she soon finds that sometimes it’s humans and not the man with the horns who are the real demons and that the layer beneath the reality she has always known is more wondrous and scary than she could have ever dreamed.

Download your copy today!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Win a $10 Amazon Gift Card!

In celebration of the Wolf Pack Facebook Author Group's new Facebook readers page for all lovers of shifters and paranormal romance books, I'll be giving away one $10 Amazon Gift Card that will be selected randomly using Winner will be chosen and contacted on Friday, Oct 16, 2015. *Note: All entries will be verified.


Congrats on my winner: Clare Kelley!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

iTunes Giveaway October 1-10 2015

In celebration of the launch of our new authors and readers Facebook group for iBooks, enter below for a chance to win one of 22 iTunes gift cards from the romance authors listed! I will be giving away a $10 gift card.

Click Here to Enter!

Congrats on my winner: Jodi Marinich!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Monday, September 14, 2015

Fall Into Savings Multi-Author EBook Sales Event!

Sept 14 - 17!

For four days only, get various Romance titles from Paranormal, to Contemporary, to Sci-Fi for either $0.99 or FREE! All prices are subject to change without warning. Some deals not available in all countries or all vendors. Check the price before you click buy.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Rebranding of Riverford Shifters Series and New Covers

As promised, I'm phasing out the four Tempted by the Jaguar novellas and have re-worked them into two novels. Riverford Shifters Book One is still titled Tempted by the Jaguar (I've added the subtitle Transformation and Revelation to the book's listing on Amazon for now until I can slowly phase the other four out). Book Two (formally Ramification and Infiltration) is now titled Accepting the Jaguar. The new covers are below:

The novella Rescued? by the Wolf will now be numbered Book 2.5. The forthcoming title in the series, Tempted by the Tiger, will now be the third book.

The four individual novellas will remain for sale until the end of the year in order to give those who may have them marked to be read either as part of their Kindle Unlimited subscription, or for those who may have already purchased a few parts but haven't finished the complete story arc. I will soon have a new cover uploaded for the boxed set to reflect this new change, but it is still available for purchase at a discount to purchasing the two books individually. I think re-releasing them this way will make for a better and less confusing reading experience. I will also be re-releasing them in this new format on Nook, iBooks, Google Play, and Kobo in January.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Taming the Monster Paranormal Romance Boxed Set Now Available for Pre-Order!

Want shifters with a twist? Think monsters/shifters should be in your bed, not under them?
A Monster Mash-Up of Alpha Proportions has arrived!
$0.99 USD BOX SET SALE! #‎TTMonster‬

Taming the Monster: A Taming the Alpha Big Box Set of Spicy Paranormal Romance Tales of Alpha Males, Shifters, Monsters, Creatures, Beasts, Demons, Aliens and More!

Over 15 ALL NEW never before released stories by New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors for one super low price! Limited Time Only!

My paranormal romance tale is of a Japanese flavor this time, featuring an oni: "Seeking the Oni"

When Hannah is sent by her boss to deliver a red envelope to an office she had been told was off-limits to non-executives, she soon finds that sometimes it’s humans and not the man with the horns who are the real demons and that the layer beneath the reality she has always known is more wondrous and scary than she could have ever dreamed.

Releases Oct. 13, 2015

Click to Pre-Order Your Copy Today! Lock in the low price of $0.99 USD.

Mandy M. Roth - Prince of Flight (King of Prey World--Bird Shifter Para Rom)
Michelle M. Pillow - Stranded with the Cajun (Captured by a Dragon-Shifter)
Carina Wilder - Hunted
Cristina Rayne - Seeking the Oni (Incarnations of Myth)
Eve Vaughn - Thief
Jaide Fox - Alien Disruption (Captured by Aliens)
JC Andrijeski - The Rings Fighter (Alien Apocalypse)
Kim Knox - Something Wicked
Michele Bardsley - A Damned Deed (Deed Brothers)
Renee George - A Door to Midnight (Midnight Shift)
Mandy Rosko - Gonna Make You Howl (Dangerous Creatures)
Tracey H. Kitts - Sacrifice
Ella Drake - Kilt in Space (Space Grit)
Jaycee Clark - The Sandman
Candice Gilmer - Guarding Her Secret (The Mythicals)
Lexy Cole - Billionaire Shifters in Manhattan (The Wolves of Central Park)
Jessica Collins - The Singularity