Cristina Rayne Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Author: Taming the Monster Multi-Author Boxed Set Now Available!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Taming the Monster Multi-Author Boxed Set Now Available!

A Monster Mash-Up of Alpha Proportions has arrived today!

Taming the Monster: A Taming the Alpha Big Box Set of Spicy Paranormal Romance Tales of Alpha Males, Shifters, Monsters, Creatures, Beasts, Demons, Aliens and More!

17 ALL NEW never before released stories by New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors for one super low price of $0.99! Limited Time Only!

Included is my novella "Seeking the Oni," the first entry in my new Paranormal Romance Series "Incarnations of Myth."

When Hannah is sent by her boss to deliver a red envelope to an office she had been told was off-limits to non-executives, she soon finds that sometimes it’s humans and not the man with the horns who are the real demons and that the layer beneath the reality she has always known is more wondrous and scary than she could have ever dreamed.

Download your copy today!

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