Cristina Rayne Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Author: New Release! Tales from the Vampire Underground: A Prequel Anthology

Friday, September 22, 2017

New Release! Tales from the Vampire Underground: A Prequel Anthology



Three tales of steamy goodness...with fangs! Join Ellie and Abby as they discover the sexy inhabitants of the Vampire Underground in this novella and short story collection.

AN IMPOSSIBLE GIFT: When car trouble coupled with a snowstorm strands med student Ellie Bradford in a Texas city on her way to visit her sister in New York for the holidays, a chance encounter with the handsome and intimidating owner of her hotel and a brush with danger reawakens old ghosts about a childhood incident that has haunted her for years. Ellie is sure she's never met him, so why does he insist that she seems so familiar? **Previously Published in the A Very Alpha Christmas Anthology**
BLOOD ESCORT: When college senior, Abby, accepts the offer of a drink from a gorgeous stranger, she has no idea that he is one of Crimson's Men, secret escorts of a certain club that she had believed to be only rumor. Turning him down was the easy part. However, getting him out of her mind may be a little trickier. Who would have thought such an innocuous item as a business card could cause her so much grief?
BLOOD KISS (A Bonus Short): Abby knows that she shouldn’t test Isaac’s control whenever their activities include him sinking his fangs in her. His first bite was reminder enough, but a comment from another vampire about how amazing a Blood Kiss must be for a human during sex makes her think it just might be worth the risk. The problem is convincing Isaac of the same. **Previously published in the More Wicked Alphas, Wilder Nights paranormal romance anthology**


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