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July 14, 2017

$0.99 BOOKS

Mede of the Draig knows three things for a fact: As the only female dragonshifter of her people, she is special. She can kick the backside of any man. And she absolutely doesn’t want to marry.

Mede has spent a lifetime trying to prove she’s as strong as any male warrior. Unfortunately, being the special, rare creature she is, she’s been claimed as the future bride to nearly three dozen Draig—each one confident that when they come for her hand in marriage, fate will choose them. When the men aren’t bragging about how they’re going to marry her, they’re acting like she’s a delicate rare flower in need of their protection.

But Mede is far from a shrinking solarflower.

Prince Llyr of the Draig knows four things for a fact: He is the future king of the dragonshifters. He must act honorably in all ways. He absolutely, positively is meant to marry Lady Mede. And she is dead set against marriage.



Shy and curvy Jade Summers has almost lost hope she would ever get her happily-ever-after. After all, she was never lucky in love, so why would she be now? She came at the Alma Venus Agency for Mail-Order Brides because she thought shape-shifters made better husbands than human guys. Now, she isn’t sure anymore…

Dragon-shifter Kaden Grimmr needs a bride. And fast. He’s the Alpha of the Emerald Wing, and he believes it’s time to divide his father’s clan and take his dragons to a new place and a new future. The problem is that his father, Calder Grimmr, refuses to give him his blessing unless he gets himself a mail-order bride so he’d one day have heirs. Kaden has no choice. As much as he hates the idea of mail-order brides, he’ll have to make a compromise and find one.

He wants a marriage of convenience. She wants true love.
(Also available in Kindle Unlimited)




Following her abduction Maiya’s life is turned upside down. Her only wish is that death will come calling her name soon, but instead she’s left with an addiction she can’t shake… and is stuck in a life she never even knew existed. And then there is Brad…

When Brad is given babysitting duty, he does everything in his power to keep Maiya safe. But he didn’t bargain on what he would get in return. His world is tilted on its axis when he starts to fall for the bitch taking over his space. And no amount of trying will make his feelings go away.

Can Love conquer all? Or is that just a foolish sentiment?
(OR $1.99)


Piper knows what she is getting into when she signs up to join her friends in another world:
1-friendly vampires
2- interesting elves
3- staying in one of the most lavish homes in the mountain she's ever seen.

What she doesn't expect is to find herself attracted to the mansion's wealthy owner.
He's got tall, dark, and vampire down to a science.
It's too bad he avoids her like the plague.
But Piper has yet to meet a man she can't wear down, and when opportunity presents itself, she'll have to decide if she's willing to pay his price.
(OR $0.99)



For centuries, Cassandra Wakefield's isolated mountain town has offered an annual female sacrifice to a dangerous pack of wolf shifters in order to keep the peace. This year, Cassie lost the draw--and must willingly surrender herself to them, body and soul. Despite her nervousness, she's undeniably intrigued, especially by the steely-eyed yet magnetic alpha.

Wicked Mountain Pack Alpha Trevor Reginald's role is simple: take the surrender's virginity and fulfill his duty. But bringing the lovely Cassandra into the pack stirs something in Trevor he fights to deny. For Cassie and all the wolf shifters are in for a huge surprise--one Cassie might not survive after she is surrendered to the pack.

Raphael is an Angel of Order. . . sort of. His affinity for chaos makes him the perfect choice to investigate the trespass in Alaska of supernatural creatures not seen in eons. But the locals in Juneau have been keeping a secret for thousands of years –the disgraceful offspring of an angel and a demon. Raphael should execute her on the spot, or at the very least throw her into Hel with the rest of her kind, but Raphael has never been one to follow the rules.

Ahia has lived for thousands of years with the Alaskan natives and werewolves, told that she’s a Nephilim and must stay hidden lest the angels find and kill her. But when interdimensional rifts begin opening up throughout Alaska, swallowing humans and spitting out dangerous monsters, the angels are the only beings who can help.

Of course the angel they send is smoking hot, and demands she assist him in closing the rifts. Far from the stern, enforcer of rules, this angel is fun and flirty, tempting Ahia to drag this project out far longer than she should.

But when one of the rifts takes the local Alpha as well as a group of humans, the situation becomes urgent. Ahia will need to risk everything - her life, her heart, and all she's believed true to bring them home, because whatever the angels might call her, she won’t abandon those who trust her to keep them safe.
(Also available in Kindle Unlimited)



Life is not going well for archaeologist Sam Bellamy. She’s stuck in the middle of the ocean on a salvage boat with people who want her dead. It wasn’t her gift for being able to sense objects of power that got her here, rather her need to make a secret society called the Knights of the Dragon pay for killing her mentor. Sam doesn’t believe in dragons, but the Knights do, and if she can get one of the sacred artifacts they’re searching for away from them, she’ll consider it payback.

Ezra Easton is content to run his marine salvage company and live alone on his private island. He may be a four-thousand-year-old water drakon, but he’s civilized enough to know just because he pulls an injured woman from the ocean, doesn’t mean he gets to keep her...

When she wakes up, she has a few tall tales to share, and it seems the Knights are after her. But this drakon won’t give up his treasure.



Catching up on the Space Grit series before the release of the last book, Breaking the Admiral—book seven! Wow! Seven Scoriah books! This bundle starts with Black Ice Heart and the origins of the Scoriah brothers who form the Bronson family. Books 2-6 take us through the journeys of Warrant, Echtei, and Tee finding their mates with two additional stories, included here in order: a romance between their heart-sister with her closet-monster. And an epilogue-type story for Tee and Mal's new addition to the family.

We're not done with the Bronson family after the completion of this first series. In Killer Mate, we met a character from another set of aliens, the phoenix. The Scoriah and phoenix will clash and mix in the future in a spin-off series, The Phoenix Cycle. And as you'll see in Breaking the Admiral, we still need to find mates for Chaz, Nick, and Quad.




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