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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Readers Have Spoken...A New Serial Schedule and My Thoughts on Serials

I think the first serialized novel I ever read was Stephen King's The Green Mile back in the mid '90s sometime. It was released in 6 parts, each around a hundred pages or less in length. I remember getting to the end of the first novel and the anticipation and excitement I felt for the next part that had yet to be released. Once all six parts had been released and devoured, I went back to the very beginning and re-read all of them in one sitting. I found that having the book split into parts actually enhanced the story, that it elevated the subsequent scenes because I had been anxiously waiting to read them. To me, the anticipation was part of the fun.

Now that I'm writing my own novels, I wanted to try my hand at a serial. Three parts in at the halfway mark, I'm finding that a good majority of readers do not enjoy the serial format and have voiced their concerns in both reviews and private emails/messages to me. As reader feedback is very important to me, I have decided to release Parts 4-6 together in a single, novel-length Part Four that will conclude the serial.

Part Four was originally scheduled for release on May 29, but as the final part will now be significantly longer, I will be taking an extra week for the final edits to ensure the quality. The new release date for Part Four will now be on June 6, 2014.

Once again, thanks for all your support so far. You guys are the best!

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  1. I have to admit that I am not a fan of the serial either and having to wait. Fortunately, I got to the Elven King after it was all released and I'm reading it in one go. That said though, I do like the serials in that it's in bite size chunks and I can get to a reasonable "ending" with each part and it makes me excited to start the next part but at the same time, each part is short enough that I feel comfortable just reading it in the short time that I have available.